A tribute and other things about Robert (Bob) K. Parr...
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Be carefull this could happen to you too...!!!

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The mature Robert as we really know him...


Bob with uncle Thom and wife Chimgee.

The Parr's car wash Team...>

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This row is dedicated to my son's clever solution to the age old question of... "what to do with long hair in a topless Jeep Wrangler.

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This before.... With HIS hair... 7/11/98

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afterwards view of the new faster hair style or lack thereof...7/12/98

A picture of pure compatibility.... Both models are convertible tops (Gray model sporting a Bikini top due to Texas 100 plus heat and the chrome model without,  more


(Place for future Picture)

The top of the "chrome Dome" world...

Zee Jeep in action-->

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Front of Bob's new house

and the back of Bob's new house.

Top is backyard covered patio / Bottom kitchen and eating area from family room Top is backyard patio to right / Bottom is kitchen...

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