City of Beijing, China
Page B (Panda Bear, Ming Tomb, Summer Palace and

Cloisonné Factory)

All that work to see China's Panda Bear...!  (4700)

Entrance to the Ming Tomb.  (4733)

Marlene starting down the Ming Tomb walkway. (4738)

Marlene and Phil Grey always looking for a deal! (4745)

One of the many larger than life size statues
guarding the tombs.  (4740)

Side view of same monster animal figure.  (4742)

More Ming Tomb walk-way.  (4747)

More Ming Tomb walk-way.  (4743)

Lee giving Summer Palace instructions.  (4705)

Paddle boats for Summer Palace lake.  (4704)

Simmer Palace wonderful walk-way to Marble Boat.  (4720)

Overhead view of decorative painted beams at Summer Palace walk-way.  (4723)

Must be the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity
 (as most things in China are)...!.  (4715)

Seventeen Arch Bridge on Munming Lake.  (4725)

The Cloisonné factory - step one...  (4755)

The Cloisonné factory - step two...  (4753)

The Cloisonné factory - step three...  (4752)

The Cloisonné factory - step four...  (4750)


The Cloisonné factory - Final product...  (4748)


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