City of Beijing, China
Page C (The Great Wall, Tibetan medicine and foot massage)

Great Wall souvenirs in the rain on way to cable cars.  (4757) Great Wall's cable car ride to the top.  (4758)
Great Wall cable car to platform. (4759) Great Wall's platform before ascending to wall. (4733)
Great Wall visitors:  Marlene and Stu. (4766) Great Wall in the rain. (4799)
Great Wall top is often steep and many stairs. (4780) Great Wall hanging out a turret window.  (4782)
Great Wall view from a watch tower.  (4786) Great Wall opening for archers!!  (4797)
Tai Chi in the park w/swords  (4816) Tai Chi in the park w/velcro paddles and balls...! (4817)

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