City of Beijing, China
Page D (Lama Temple, Tibetan Meds and foot rub, Hutong...)

Hall of Prayer for Bumper Harvests. (4835) Lama Temple - proof of largest Buddha. (4850) 
Lama Temple Incenses burning with Prayers. (4857) Marlene spinning the wheel for good luck. (4856)
Local Guide overview of
Beijing Hutong. 
Path to Hutong family's front door. (4864)
Hutong family's living room wall. (4868) Frank leaving living room of Hutong family
we visited. 
School kids going home in the Hutong. (4669) Warning us up with Green Tea for foot massage
and Tibetan meds/herbs sale. (4892)
Great foot massage.  See the many smiling faces.  (4895) Great "Knock-off" department Store/Mall.  (4904)

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