City of Chongqing, China
(Yangtze River Cruise starting point)

View out and down from our hotel room.  (5132) From hotel room to the right.  (5134)
Out the window to the left.  Nice looking town.
Marlene going into DVD store...!!  (5145)

Street view near where we had lunch before going to the Yantze River cruise.  (5146)

Street corner in same area of Chongqing.
Peggy and Betty at lunch.  (5144) Peggy cutting her 29th birthday cake!  (5188)
Chinese delivery man...  (5175) Pole technique for carrying packages.  (5159)
General Stillwell statue near house China let him use during WWII. (5138) Patio area looking into the top of the
Gen. Stillwell house/museum.  (5137)
Tour group learning the proper way to drink Chinese tea.  Oh yes, we could buy tea here...!  (5169) The Grey family with Marlene.  (5161)
View from the museum and "Tea Learning School" down to the Yangtze River.  (5163) A Government building!!!  (5151)


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