Guilin, China
Page A (Guilin and the Li River day cruise)

Tai Chi across the street from hotel.  (5541) Along the road from Guilin to the Li River.  (5547)
Frank N Margaret with Marlene waiting to board Li River boat.  (5549) Li River boats waiting for passengers.  (5550)
On board Li River with more family style food and no "Lazy-Susan".  (5611) Nigel taking picture from boat window.  (5576)
Suzanne realizing what was in the jar.  (5554) Caravan of Li River touring boats.  (5561)
River boat crew enjoying the view, too.  (5618) Cormorant fisherman boats along the river.  (5567)
Saw several caves along the way.  (5572) More of the strange mounds/hills along the Li River.  (5586)


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