Shanghai/Suzhou, China
Page B (Shanghai and last rickshaw ride thru Suzhou)

Starting point for our garden tour in shanghai.  (5506) Tourist shopping Shanghai style.  (5509)
In front of the Yu Garden & across the water lily pond walk ways is Heaven (Starbuck Coffee)!  (5510) Stu and Marlene touring the Yu garden (Yuyuan).  (5517)
From the Bund we see Pudong and very modernistic high-rise buildings.  (5520) Shanghai harbor from the Bund.  (5526)
Us again on the Bund.  (5524) The Memorial Tower to the Peoples Heroes on the Bund.  (5519)
Bob and Sandy off to see Suzhou rickshaw style.  (5532) Marlene went too!  (5534)


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