Yangtze River Cruise, China
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First night on the river.  (5191) Shot from our balcony of the river city lights from our cruise ship the Victoria Star(5194)
A party river boat.  (5198) First morning at the leaning Pagoda.  (5210)
Reception area on the River Boat.  (5212) Remember the 100 steps to heaven?  (5242)
Those wonderful souvenirs, but no room in our luggage without leaving some clothes behind.  (5214) And more opportunities to purchase one-of-a-kind momentums from China...!  (5213)
One Dollar, one Dollar....!  (5217) Looking up at the 100 step challenge.  (5220)
Vincent can't believe he's climbed that many stairs and he's not in heaven yet!!!  (5227) Yep, we are that high above the river!  (5229)
This is a Buddha of something...!  (5237) Here we are in heaven, as I expected, I don't know anyone here!  (5234)
Survivors of the 100 step climb.  (5238) Boy, was going down so much easier... (5240)


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