Yangtze River Cruise, China
Page C (3 Gorges - The Lesser Gorges and river locks )

Small day cruise boat that took us thru the Lesser Gorges.  (5332) Vincent the great world traveler and photographer.  (5335)
One of many bridges along the Yangtze at the beginning of the Lesser Gorges.  (5333) Island that will keep it's residence until the rising river level forces them out.  (5348)
As the river level rises you often see small islands that are still used until the flooding is complete.  (5343) The magnificence of these gorges will be diminished due to the rising river level.  (5353)
More views of the Lesser Gorges.  (5366) Saw many caves in the mountain formations along the river.  (5382)
Approaching our first river locks at night.  (5385) We really got close to the lock walls.  (5392)
Lock doors were bigger than Super Man!!! (5394) Another look at our water elevator.  (5397)
View from the top deck of the MV Prince River Cruiser going through the last of the 3 Gorges.  (5452) Scene along the river side as we get closer to the 3 Gorges Dams.  (5455)


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