Spytkowice, Poland....
Home of Terry Jozefiak and Marlene Parr's Polish relatives









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In Spytkowice we were looking for Marlene and Terry (her mother) family.  We had nothing to go on except the family name.

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The first sign of the beginning of the day of miracles.   The church where we received our first clue.

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This is really the third stop that a citizen across the street from the church brought us to.   This is the cousins farm on the what is remaining of the original land that Terry's grandmother owned.  The home of Stafanie and her husband.

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Cousins house with: (from left) Marlene, Barbara, Stephanie (Barbara's mother), Barbara's son, Terry, and Barbara's daughter.   At Josef's house in the next town... Barbara, Terry, Josef's wife, Stephanie, and Josef. His looks and mannerisms are just like uncle Ed's
  DrivingCrew.jpg (100214 bytes) Roman drove us all over and played Sherlock Holmes as though he was attempting to find his own long lost family.  To Roman we owe this day of miracles, for without him it would not have happened.     Thank you Roman where ever you are.....!

(Roman is on the left, in the middle  Stu and on the right is Terry.)