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SobieskiDayTime.jpg (15766 bytes) On left is front of Sobieski Hotel where we stayed.  5 Star w/great breakfasts and very US quality rooms.

On right and to the right of red canapy is door to shop where Marglene got her glasses she had been looking for since Prague.  Also, two stories above that door was window to my brother's apartment. What are the odds???
WarsawTownSqGlassShop.jpg (23592 bytes)
SobieskiRoomTime.jpg (38454 bytes) <== View of brother Thom, Margo, and Terry in our room at the Sobieski Hotel. Terrific breakfast buffet.

WarsawMainSt.jpg (32240 bytes)
One of the main streets in Warsaw.  Our hotel and the train station is on this street

WarsawSpanishDinner.jpg (18589 bytes) WarsawTownSq.jpg (29429 bytes)
Dinner at a Spanish restaurant.  Desert was best I have ever eaten in my entire life.  Strawberries with a sauce of course....

Old Town Square were we ate lunch and of course shopped

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