Shanghai/Suzhou, China
Page A (Shanghai Museum, Silk Factory, & The Bund)

Shanghai Museum.  (5492) "Vinny" modern art on the stairs!!!  (5488)
Buddha statue.  (5487) Stairway to other levels of artistic displays.  (5485)
Interesting craftsmanship in beautiful woods.  (5490) View from expressway to office towers on Pudong island in Shanghai harbor.  (5484)
Guide at silk factory.  (5496) Attaching silk worm cocoons to machines that pull long silk strands.  (5497)
Belt drive transfers power to many silk pulling stations.  (5499) Assembly line unraveling silk from the cocoons.  (5498)
Workers pulling the double cocoons to make bed comforters.  (5503) Our tour group attempts to add a layer to the comforter.  (5504)
Shanghai harbor and tall buildings on Pudong Island from the expressway.  (5484) Bamboo scaffolding for construction workers on many buildings.  (5480)
Shuzhou traffic.  (5481) Farmer (I'm assuming) pulling cart on our way to the airport.  (5469)


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