Yangtze River Cruise, China
Page B (Moved city the Japanese paid to visit, Boat Fashion Show)

Many Hydro Foil commuter boats.  (5245) Deserted city that will be under water when the river is at it's planned/dammed height.  (5249)
View from river boat landing of the city of Fengjie County. (5262) A city family out for a drive.  (5295)
Our "tia Juana" bus driver's wife and son.  (5275) One of MANY bridges that are being built to connect the river communities.  (5269)
Ladies of the Boat join in a Ti Chi session in progress at his city mall park.  (5289) Children of Fengjie County posing for digital photographer with a "big nose".  (5294)
Care for rabbit dinner... real fresh!  (5281) Bridge we parked on to view the picture below.  (5299)
Boat Crew's fashion show.  (5323) All brand new and building city moved up the hillside 3 Gorges dam raises the river level.  (5298)


Entire fashion show performers.  (5327)  


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